Why Use Us?

Aug 10, 2022

Like every purchase you make – you have many choices and often it’s tough to know what to choose. When if comes to doing work on your home or business, here are 10 reasons why we think Cazeault Roofing is your best choice

1) Dedicated Location

We have a dedicated shop & office (well actually three) for our business and that demonstrates that we are in it for the long haul and not someone who’s here today and gone a year or two later.

2) Members of NRCA

We are proud members of the National Roofer Contractors Association. A membership in NRCA is widely recognized as a mark of commitment to professionalism and the advancement of the roofing industry.

3) Site Visit

Some companies price a roof without ever coming out to your home. While the technology exists to measure houses remotely, we feel it would be a disservice not to physically examine every building that we work on.

4) Sheetmetal Shop

We are able to custom fabricate various flashings to fit some of the unique situations that often pop up when working on older homes. We also produce our own metal roofing panels inhouse.

5) Accessibility

If you call during regular business hours, you will be answered by a live person and not some automated menu that you need to navigate. And unlike smaller companies that run their business from a cell phone, your able to get someone right away.

6) Manufacturers Certification

We are certified installers for all the major top tier roofing manufacturers. This gives us access to the best warranties that are reserved for certified installers.

7) Safety

We constantly train and retrain our staff in best practices when it comes to safety. We follow OSHA guidelines to keep everyone safe.

8) Best Materials

Some try to cut corners by eliminating or using inferior materials. At Cazeault Roofing we know the importance of using quality and proven materials that will hold up to the harsh New England environment.

9) Repair Division

We have a dedicated repair division ready to serve you! Cazeault Roofing has saved homeowners & businesses thousands of dollars by preforming a repair instead of replacing the entire roof prematurely.

10) A Roofing Family Since 1927

Pretty much says it all. On the verge of doing this for almost a hundred years with the fourth and fifth generation of Cazeault’s – we are here to stay !

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A roofing family since 1927