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Roofing Services Questions

Absolutely! We work year-round and install in all seasons. We monitor the weather and will not work in the event of inclement weather or extremely low temperatures.

We will replace and swap put any bad boarding or rotted areas. We have an allowance for up to 32 sq ft in each job. Anything beyond that will be billed at the rate quoted in the proposal. Of course, will reach out and communicate with you throughout the process.

There are many other factors that go into arriving at a price other than just labor and materials. We do not do labor-only jobs and we do not supply materials. For those reasons, we provide an all-inclusive quote.

Unfortunately no, for a few reasons. In the past, we allowed this, and almost always something was missing or short and it created delays. Additionally, we are unable to provide a complete system warranty on a project that we did not supply all the materials.

Light-colored shingles help to keep the roof cooler in the summer. If your home is properly insulated and vented, then the roof color will have very little effect on the temperature inside the house. We recommend that you choose the color that you like best and that goes well with the exterior of your house. The warranties are the same regardless of the color.

It depends on the size of your roof and the type of roof that we are installing. Our average job takes our crews 3 days to complete.

The Cost of a roof replacement depends on many factors. We prefer to visit the property to verify conditions, check for multiple layers of roofing. We also look to see if embedded wall flashings can be reused or need to be replaced. Some properties have limited access and special considerations that make affect the labor needed. We also like to look inside the attic if possible, to see the condition of the existing roof deck.

Please contact us to schedule a roofing estimate.

State building code allows up to 2 layers of asphalt shingles. However, we remove the existing layer on 95% of the jobs that we do.

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